What is Techno?

I’ve purposely let myself outdate when it comes to electronic music styles and trends. There really is no point in following such a dynamic phenomenon. And what is techno…? Does anyone know anymore? There is so much variety out there making it really hard to define and classify all the styles. Classification becomes a dull process of grouping authors who copy each-other’s work. In most cases it is impossible to tell who the true creator of a particular music style is.

Now we’ve got this dynamic pulp of inter-influenced electronic music in both commercial and bedroom production. Electronic music spans across a large variety of styles, domains and media types. We hear it on TV, video, film, computer games, mobile telephony… we hear the influence of electronic music in our every day life. It’s strange… The music we thought was unbearable and unacceptable to others, the music so special to us, now spins on every corner, being served to those who do not appreciate and understand it.

Techno music is everywhere – yet the original idea got lost somewhere in 1991. Now, what is techno, I ask myself again. If electronic music has become this billion-dollar commercial giant, where does that leave the ORIGINAL?

Has techno evolved or devolved? – Could techno change at all?
I don’t think so. There will always be this very special group of people who are excited about the idea that machines can produce sounds – people who see the potential, people who know the past and live for the future.

Techno is the music of visionaries and technology lovers. Techno music could just be that one first step which will help humanity to safely transition into the era of technology – with no fear, and no doubts.

As a celebration of human success, and our beautiful inquisitive intellect, techno exists within those who understand and appreciate it. There are people who hear the music of progress and evolution even in small and simple things that surround us.

If you think about humans as a part, and a product of nature, what does that make a plastic substance or an alloy? How are they so different from the ‘nature’?

Humans produce technology directly through nature. Technology is the product of nature, and only an esoteric group of people truly understand that.

techno, science and technologyTechnology is all around us and we cannot escape it. We co-exist with our technology in an amazingly balanced harmony. We have learnt that just like humans, technology isn’t perfect and can throw our living environment – our life support – our very existence, out of balance. That’s why we learn about raw nature and its relationship with the manufactured environment. We pretty much exist as we are today because of our scientific and technological abilities. If we haven’t had them, we would have simply handed the planet domination to any potential successor in the animal kingdom.

The fact is – this planet doesn’t care about pollution or natural harmony – in fact only WE DO, and that’s for no other reason but our own very existence. This idea makes our ‘greens’ or ‘nature lovers’ simply a factor of a balance mechanism that extends the life of human race on this planet.

I admit I am one of them – as a subject to embedded emotional behavior; I love raw nature more than any electronic gadget in this world. This is probably due to the fact that I wasn’t manufactured. Maybe an android would feel the same way about the electronic industry for example – who knows.


discovering interaction with musicTechno music reflects our effort to live in harmony with the technology and nature. Some people love it for its form, melody and the rhythm, some people love it for its idea and the concept and some are simply letting chemicals dictate what they think and feel.

Some at the other hand, take the next step and abandon the habit of passive listening and start interacting with music realising how much more rewarding it is to create than simply receive. Availability of modern computers and intuitive audio software today, makes it really easy for any motivated individual to interact, manipulate, design sounds and compose music.

At raves we are controlled by the beat, we’re willing to unite and feel the energy of the collective – something we don’t experience every day – even though we live in the system where we all function together and exist as a community.

So what does that make techno music? Perhaps our very basic instincts tell us to celebrate the phenomenon of technology. We only act as it’s written in our genes – it’s all just the human nature – just another human fetish – another form of religion, another church – another philosophy.

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