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Play it Tonight and Analogik have joined forces to bring you the best in the world of electronic music. Take this opportunity to register and receive one free track from Play It Tonight!


About Play it Tonight

Play it Tonight was launched in December of 2003. Our mission is to offer you the best selection of dance music available on the internet. We thrive on bringing you the newest releases and back catalogs from the top labels around the world and are constantly improving the site daily so that you can find the songs you want.

Play it Tonight was created and designed by DJ’s, Producers, and Record Label owners. We know what it’s like out there, and this store was created to help you easily find the tracks you want to play and to help support the music from the labels and artists that produce and distribute the music we love.

Play it Tonight is a legal MP3 download store which means that a large chunk of the money from every song you buy will end up in the hands of the artist. When you buy music from Play It Tonight you can feel good knowing that you are supporting Dance Music and the artists that create these beautiful masterpieces.

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