Radioactive Sandwich

Since the beginning of time, two things have been true: Man needs food and Man needs to create music. Combine these two prehistoric needs and you find the group Radioactive Sandwich. Slice One and Slice Two came together realizing they were starved for a more fulfilling, hearty breed of music. They needed to create a satisfying mix, not only for themselves but also for the millions of starving people out in the world just like them.

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An eclectic skill set between the two slices is what makes Radioactive Sandwich a unique force in the music industry. From opera to hip-hop, Slice One a.k.a Loren Berrier thought he had it all, until he met accomplished electronic producer Julian Smoger, a.k.a Slice Two. The pair were first introduced in 2001 and remained in contact for three years when they decided it was finally time to work on a collaborative project. It was then in 2004, just after Slice Two’s college graduation, that the Sandwich was first put together.

Singing for the past 15 years, Loren was able to master the phonics of many diverse types of music. His classical training put him on the path to be an opera vocalist, but he chose a different route. His studies took him to NYU where he majored in Music Business, but only stayed a year in classes. Through various contacts he scored an internship with Bad Boy Entertainment Worldwide. He parlayed the skills he learned there and the contacts he made into a fulltime job. From there he was able to land at Cash Money Records as the Promotions Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Promotions. His musicianship also includes piano and guitar, and he is currently studying the art of percussion in order to make an even better Sandwich. The perfect Sandwich may be Loren’s desire now, but his first loves in the electronic world ranged from Paul Oakenfold and the Crystal Method to Sasha and Digweed to Orbital.

Formerly the genius behind .dmops., and Erotomechanics, with international phenom Shojin, Julian brought a different perspective into the Sandwich. He attests that he was truly drawn to the art of electronic composing the second he listened Hybrid’s “Beachcoma”, even though he had strongly fought against electronic music during his “metalhead” years. His production background and creative beat-making found Radioactive Sandwich producing tracks for Fresko and The Empire, both Reggaeton artists for Section 8 Records, and Slick Love. His well-honed skills come from 6 years of writing and a deep love for the music. While in college Julian was the Operations Manager of Cabrini’s WYBF-FM The Burn radio station, and co-hosted a weekly talk show. The show also featured breaks in which the hosts showcased their favorite under-the-radar groups. Julian also created much of the bed music for the talk and call-in portions of the show. Originally, Julian earned his keep working at Grammy-Award-winning Latin record label, Libertad Music, but now has a gig with NY label Razor and Tie in NYC.

Slice One and Slice Two share a deep devotion to creating the perfect Sandwich, and vow to all that they will not go hungry. They spent nearly two years fine-tuning their first album, “The Earls of Sandwich”, which dropped in May of 2006. They were able to harness the skills of Grammy-winning engineer, Phil Nicolo to master the final version of the album, who was impressed with the freshman offering of Radioactive Sandwich. The album features a mixture of styles that identify the depths of both Loren and Julian’s influences. They blend them expertly and have created an elegant and delicious meal for the masses to enjoy.

– Baroness Catharine Hernson – 4.29.2006

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