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Everyone should see this: http://www.chrisjordan.com/current_set2.php?icl=7

Circuit bending. A wonderful new techno hobby discipline so cool it can be asilly considered art. Our generation grew up surrounded by a vast variery of electronic gadgets which make perfect raw material for some seriously creative tweaking. So look around yourself, what do you see? Find an electornic device and thing about what you could do with it to make it do something else or make it look cooler! Our friends from Get LoFi have created a wonderful resource where all circuit bending geeks can publish their masterpieces.

The first sensors of the IceCube neutrino observatory were deployed at the South Pole during the austral summer of 2004–2005 and have been producing data since February 2005. One string of 60 sensors buried in the ice and a surface array of eight ice Cherenkov tanks took data until December 2005 when deployment of the next set of strings and tanks began. We have analyzed these data, demonstrating that the performance of the system meets or exceeds design requirements. Times are determined across the whole array to a relative precision of better than 3 ns, allowing reconstruction of muon tracks and light bursts in the ice, of air-showers in the surface array and of events seen in coincidence by surface and deep-ice detectors separated by up to 2.5 km.

Keywords: Neutrino; IceCube; Performance; South pole; Detection; IceTop; Amanda; First year

Nyt tag – Tagrenovering Skal du have nyt tag eller renoveret dit gamle tag? M�ske en gang tagmaling – eller bare et eftersyn af dit tag? Tal med Dansk Tagteknik – s� har du tag over hovedet!

Staub ist Feind aller Equipment, am meisten sind die empfindlicheLaserlinsen betroffen. So empfehlt sich die Elektronikgeräten vomStaub zu schutzen, indem man sie sicher lagert. Büromöbel, Schrankwände.

Eines vom Wichtigsten ist ein stabiles Haus. Und das erste was stimmenmuss, sind Aufträge für Baugewerbe.

Es gibt’s nichts schöneres als Kinderlächeln. Kindermöbel ist ein Teildieser Freude. Kinder brauchen ihre eigene Welt.

In the last few years, physicists have learned that the different string theories discovered and studied in different ways are limiting cases of a single, more powerful theory, known as M theory. “M” stands for magic, mystery, or matrix, according to taste. Some of these developments will be explained in this lecture.


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