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Graffititechnica.com is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3d graffiti. The graffiti designs and lettering on this site are completely digital as I want to explore new ways to create 3d graffiti and move away from using paint as a means of expression. So much emphasis is put on the illegality of graffiti in the public space that a lot of people dismiss this art form as just vandalism by frustrated kids with spray paint and too much time on their hands. Despite this stereotype I want to use my work and design skills to create something that has never been seen before and show people a new way of looking at this form of urban art.

Why Electronic Graffiti?

Because I grew up in the 1980’s and I can remember having heaps of electronic toys and being influenced by so many styles of that time. From early game console designs to any number of toy robots from Japan or China. Growing up around technology has clearly influenced my style of art (as with so many of my generation). Graffiti has always been an influence on me since the first time I saw works from trains on the way to the school… All the back industrial lots were covered in styles from generic tags to intricately designed wildstyle. Back and forwards to school gave me loads of time to try to understand the styles and colors that were being used. It was an art form that was so advanced compared to anything that was in the modern culture that it was no wonder that the general public didn’t understand it and why society was so keen to remove graffiti at any cost.

The future of graffiti

I hope that graffiti moves away from just illegal painting on public property into more artistic forms of expression – groups like the graffiti research lab are really pushing this art into new forms of technology that is making graffiti more accessible to the general public. Graffiti will always be a form of art that is never static – artists from all over the world are constantly pushing the envelope on what is achievable in typography and design.


Download 1920 x 1080 3D Graffiti Wallpaper

Author: Brad Schwede

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