Kevens – Radical jungle drum & bass

Known for his beautifully lush drum set , mixed with a funky, progressive, rocking Reggae style, Kevens is on a mission to provide the world with positivity. The former DJ and MC turned singer/songwriter, strives to take people to a higher level of consciousness. The poetic performer got his start as a performing artist when he formed his first progressive Reggae group, Le Coup, with Bob Marley’s half brothers Richard and Anthony. Cedella Booker Marley, Bob Marley’s mother, told young Kevens very early in his musical career, “Like a letter, you must write a song with purpose.”The spiritual artist’s message of “Positivity is a Necessity” is always at the center of this art and his life. Though his elaborate stage costumes and theatrical concerts are pure 21-century, his goal is timeless: to bring all races, cultures and backgrounds together.
To listen to the latest Kevens release “Don’t Leave” (now avaliable on i-tunes), check out his web page @

Don’t Leave
-triphop mix
-dnb mix
-rock/dnb mix