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Dj Emok - Analogik Interview

Here is our recent interview with Mikael, Dj Emok, owner of famous, Denmark based, progressive/techno label – Iboga Records. In next few minutes we’ll go through set of questions for Mikael and new stuff Iboga prepared for us in this year.


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Please state your full name, place of origin and your artistic alias under which you perform for our readers.

  • My name is Mikael Dahlgaard and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. My DJ name is EMOK and I produce music under following names: EMOK, PHONY ORPHANTS and MAELSTROM.

A lot has changed in the electronic music scene, including many music listeners taste. What drove you towards more minimal music you propagate?

  • I have all ways been into different styles of music. I love most electronic music all from good Goa trance to minimal techno and chill out. With playing and living from music for so many years it comes natural to me to change style and what I like from time to time, as I cant stand listening to the same kind of music for years. I had a period where I have been more into Prog House music, but still uplifting and with energy, lately though I like it a bit harder again, with more melodies so some good proper Prog Trance. As for Iboga Records, we had a year with releasing a lot of Progressive House music.A lot of our artists make this style these days and we love it as well. We have achieved a pretty good and solid name for Iboga records in this style. That doesn’t mean the trance music is a done chapter on Iboga Records. We have just changed the label into two labels, IBOGA RECORDS CLUB and IBOGA RECORDS TRANCE where each label will focus a lot more on the specific style. So for all of you that know Iboga Records from the trance scene, there is good news, we have some massive releases and albums coming up with artists like: LIQUID SOUL, ACE VENTURA, ATMOS, FLOWJOB, MAELSTROM, QUANTIZE, CAPTAIN HOOK, BEAT BIZARRE, REEFER DECREE, PHAXE and a lot more.

We, all your faithful listeners are aware of your new sidelabel, Iboga Trance, which will propagate psychedelic and faster tunes (not that current ones aren’t psychedelic enough), how do you think it’ll perform having in mind enormous quality and popularity of Iboga on the scene?

  • We think this is the right way for Iboga Records focusing more on trance music as this is our origin and we still LOVE good quality trance music. We will focus a lot on the quality of the releases we make and work a lot more on promotion and artist management.

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Will it gather only psychedelic genre tunes from current artists or are there some new names planned as addition?

  • Names so far for Iboga Trance is: Ace Ventura, Liquid Soul, Atmos, Gaudium, FREq, Phaxe, Flowjob, Quantize, Captain Hook, Reefer Decree, Beat Bizarre, Maelstrom, Phony Orphants and we have some interesting new tunes from Mayor 7 (Side project from X Noize).

What can we expect to hear from you this year at the festivals?

  • So it will all depend on which festival I play, which time and which stage. I will continue doing my 130 bpm progressive sets as I have been doing the past years but I will also play some faster sets focusing more on the music from Iboga Trance. All depends on the event. I play music for the crowd on the dance floor, so they will get what they expect.

What are the new, upcomming Iboga releases you’d like to emphasize?

  • End of February we release the LISH album -€“ MILES AWAY. A really massive progressive album, also we have a chill out compilation from LENNY IBIZARRE. In March we have the new double TICON album -€“ I Love You, Who Are You ?. In march we also have a new compilation compiled by ANTIX called BEST OF OUR SETS, and the new GAUDIUM album is also close to be done. Then we have some massive single releases with ACE VENTURA, TICON, A.BALTER & EITAN REITER, FLOWJOB and so on. Later this spring we have compilations from ACE VENTURA and one from LIQUID SOUL, so stay tunes, there will be A LOT of nice stuff coming to your ears.

There are doubts on music sales in your music genre. Was it hard to survive all these years while you maintained high quality of releases and did the new digital music age hurt your sales?

  • Yes its VERY hard. The sales of our progressive music (Prog House) is going very well, but the trance music is VERY hard to sell. Seems like people from the trance scene doesn’€™t buy so much music any longer and do not support it as years back.  Must be because trance people tend to download and copy the music instead of buying it. Its sad, because its becoming more and more difficult to have a label going releasing this kind of music that people so many places like so much.  The worst thing about this will be that no one will be left to release this music in the end, and then slowly this style of music will disappear.

If you could release music from any of your artist right now, who would that artist be and why?

  • Shit that’€™s a hard one. So here comes a list of my favorite tunes we are going to release soon:  ATMOS -€“ ONLY 4 US, TICON & WEEKEND HEROES -€“ TELEPORT, RIKTAM & BANSI -€“ MOTHER FUCKER and then I look forward for the next massive LIQUID SOUL single we work on.
Lish - Miles Away Ticon & Weekend Heroes - Teleport
Best of Our Sets - Antix Ticon - I Love You, Who Are You

I know it’s ungrateful to ask, but our readers are simply dying to know what music top artists listen at private, so what are your favs?

  • Its all good. Ticon, Pet Shop Boys, Deep Fried Dub, Music For Dreams (Danish Label), Turbo Weekend, Spleen United, Antix, Metallica, Nirvana, Bob Marley, Manu Chao.

There’s a rumor that new Iboga website is on the way, is that true and what are functionalities it’ll offer to your visitors/listeners?

  • Yes its true. The new website is almost ready and its really a nice one. It contains a new online music store, weekly podcast and much more. Stay tuned. www.iboga.dk or www.iboga-records.com

Emok’s Exclusive Dj Set for Analogik:



1. Nord – Boulevard Hotel
2. Atmos – Only For You
3. Pryda – Glimma
4. Lish – Feel Good
5. Hallucinogen – Gamma Goblins (Riktam & Bansi Remix) < OMG!
6. Ticon – Retreat To Retro
7. Nyquist – Otagu (Perfect Stranger Remix)
8. Michael Woods – Nitro
9. Flippers Vs DJ Slater feat U-Prag – King Of The Night


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