Noone Grenadine

After a first interesting ep Fragments,Noone, multidisciplinary artist, is back withhis first album Grenadine. An invitation intohis acidulous fantastic world where addictivetones and enchanting pop songs blendtogether seemlessly. Eclectic as ever, this longformat jumps around at supersonic speedsfrom genre to genre.
If “Fatchococake” is a true call to the dancefloorwith a bassline whose only purpose is tobreak your legs, “4 years” hits us withmoments of grace thanks to a charming musicbox melody. The true climax of the album is”Just because of a little water” with theappearance of singer Nekochan, giving us amoment of a seldom equaled emotion.Noone confirms his genius ability to composesimple and catchy melodies with “Burn inHell” and “Virgo Cluster” which, from thevery first notes, sticks in your head.
Noone’s world is one way too vast to discoverin one listening; it’s like putting the listeneron a frantic roller coaster. Once the magicbegins it will make you smile, catch you in itsbliss and not let you go until the ride’s over. Amusical trip rich in emotions that, in the end,will make you want to grab another ticket.


Noone is what one generally calls an atypical artist. Hebegan music at 6 and has since learned to play thepiano, trombone, sax and bassguitar. To feed his artisticappetite, he then took on an illustration diploma at thefamous Emile Cohl school in Lyon. And where manypeople would have contented themselves with that, thisyoung man decided to dedicate himself to studying electronicmusic , pushing him to analyse, study and pickapart every sound that made it’s way to his ears.

In spring ’06, determined to get his music discovered, hemanaged to stir BEE Record’s interest whose representativesof he met during one of the label’s BEE Nights. Thisled, some months later, to the realease of his first EP« Fragments ».

For this paradoxical, colorful artist who works in metaphors,this is the starting point of a solo adventure inwhich he has also created his own graphics. Live-wise,he hasn’t been resting much with concerts alongside suchartists as Flore, Paral-lel and Clark in Paris, Lyon, Marseille,Rennes, Cannes…

In 2008, he’ll focus on the production of a new album –Grenadine – featuring Nekochan and Morning Crash.Once again, Noone will write, compose and do theartwork for a polyvalent album which will mark mindsimmediately. A sweet and sexy opus full of surprises !

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