Cosmos 70

After a first appearance on the compilation ” BEE! “,COSMOS70 released their first maxi in 2005. Formed byMichel Robiche and Didier Blanché, the duo bordersbetween pop and electronica. In 2006 the group took on anew approach with the arrival of the video director AurélienPescher and has been seen on stage beside top artists suchas Matt Elliot, Plaid, Machine Drum or Lackluster.

On december 15th 2007, COSMOS70 will release theirdebut album “Voices ” on BEE Records. Throughout thetwelve titles synthetic voices, analog atmospheres andenergetic rhythms meet in a resolutely melodic architecture.”Voices” is an album of electronics and instruments whichresounds and croons, close to the pop of Air, to delicacy ofBoards Of Canada or to the building torment of Plaid.Gracious and dense at the same time, “Voices” is an invitationon a trip, A cosmic cruise interspersed with a fewstorms, that ends up safe and sound.

Cosmos 70 discography

Cosmos 70 VoicesCosmos70 | Voices
2008 | Lp 12 titles | BEE Records
Distribution INgrooves/la Baleine

Cosmos 70Cosmos70 | Cosmos70
2005 | Ep 5 titles | BEE Records
Distribution BEE/CD1D

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