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Being in a relationship is about lot of things. It’s about love, respect, sharing and understanding. For me, it’s the same bedroom scenario every night, and it’s not what you think it might be. I am a big fan of science fiction and have a nice little collection of Isaac Asimov. The problem is, I can never read them before sleep as our viciously bright night lamp light and 100 decibels of book page turning, irritates my girlfriend. Nagging and futurism don’t go well together.

So this is what I’m going to do I’ll utilise technology to improve my nerdy lifestyle. Running several popular websites such as Analogik generates lot of traffic. Traffic equals backlinks, backlinks equal PageRank – a virtual good and a commodity in demand these days. On the other side there are companies with products – they try to sell products and services. Higher the PageRank, higher you are in the search engine results. We have the PageRank – they need the PageRank. Do you see some spiral tungsten firing up already?

No problems so we got the money, now so we have to choose our gadget wisely. After a bit of research and friendly persuasion, a nice chap from FedEx arrives with a brand new NOKIA N91,Made in Finland, shipped from Hong Kong (?). Pretty nice – stainless steal body, slightly bulky but elegantly robust look enwrapping a jolly nice combo of a phone and an mp3 player with 4Gb of HDD space and high speed connectivity. A bit of an overkill, yet very satisfying knowing that PayPal money paid for it instead of my credit card.

The foundation brick of Analogik, Brad Schwede has always had passion for futurism and today he revealed to me that he is so lazy to read books that he gets his text-to-speech program do it for him. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I’ve already got most of Asimov’s books in electronic format thanks to a very dedicated group of fans who OCR-ed and organised the lot. So by using NaturalSoft’s Natural Reader loaded with AT&T’s smooth speech engine I shall convert the text into one large audio file, load it onto the phone and listen to the narration until the little robots take me to the Metropolis land.

Come on, it’s 2006 and there are no robots walking around and there are no flying cars. For that we shall wait, unil then – use your technology to make yourself happy.

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