AMD Athlon – Heat and noise level issues with computers

Could this be a new affordable high-performence music-PC platform?

Most of us have had a chance to see AND head an ordinary AMD computer in action. It’s more of a vacuum cleaner than a computer really. It gets extremely hot and it gets very noisy. This was one of the main reasons musicians wouldn’t buy these things in spite their high performance and lower prices comparing Intel CPU PCs or Mac machines. Now they say it’s going to be fast, cool and quiet. OK, should we believe this? Or is this just one of the marketing catches?

If you go talk to someone at your nearest AMD shop they will tell you stories about this new revolutionary chip from AMD but be careful. Those places are noisy and what seems quiet there might sound quite loud in your home, especially at night. Also indication of noise level can also be tricky sometimes as these new machines control the fan speed depending on the heat the CPU produces. I guess there is one way to find out. If someone buys it before us – let us know!

AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor: Now Available in Models 4000+

The new 64-bit AMD chip scales down to a lower clock rate when idle and at those times you can barely hear the fans. That’s why it is a good idea to load the test machine, with applications/games/benchmarks and try to make it sweat for a while to get a better idea of the maximum noise it might produce.

You live at the forefront of technology, and you won’t settle for less from your favorite software. That’s why AMD is proud to bring you the AMD Athlon™ 64 processor, with AMD64 technology for dramatically higher performance and built-in support for future 64-bit applications — even 32- and 64-bit simultaneous computing .

Comments from our visitors:

From: Rohan Maverick

Whatever made u think that AMD PCs were Hot n noisy in the first place….


Regarding HOT…….thats absolute rubbish….they run at lower clock speeds compared to Intels……so r theoretically cooler….secondly…that myth orignated from the fact that, people wud use P3 fans on AMD Athlons………its something line using a 1 ton AirCon to cool a 1000sq.ft. room…….now off course that wont do…..

The newer AMDs come with the fan as a part of the package so r as quiet as the P4s ……..

oh yean n AMDs RULE…..try them urself…..

NOISE…..that depends on the fan u use n has nothing to do with the CPU……

PS: Ur Cabinet Fans make more noise than ur CPU fan……

From: Lee

It’s the cpu fans not the cpu that’s noisy. See this:

33 user reviews for the quiet ‘Speeze EEA67B4 Vulturespin’ AMD fan for XP up to 3200 & Sempron up to 3000 are found here: It’s 19bB!

I recently discovered (they have websites for different countries) who sell many components that are quiet. list most of their cpu fans at about 20dB – quiet. Lower than 25dB is quiet.

Today’s cd drives are noisy. There’s software called Nero Drivespeed which slows these drives down.

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