Arcade 64: Commodore 64 Rave Party

Featuring the most popular computers of the 80’s

So we’ve got a rave now. A perfect excuse to get together and play really loud.
Hard Techno – Acid – Breaks & Bleeps – Freestyle – Electronica – Psy Trance

poster_microBrisbane, SATURDAY
24 April 2004
Dont think retro fashion, think RETRO GEEK! Vintage computing and gaming meets arcades and the finest local and international live acts for a night of blistering beats, acid, techno, breaks and console bleeps. Get down to the big ass bass or blister those thumbs on a NES, Amiga, Atari, C64, Neo Geo or any of many other gaming flashbacks powered up and on site for those of us who were more geeking up at home then doing the John Travolta…. screw the 80’s…insert coin to play!

We’ve got a killer line-up for you. Massive talent is coming down to perform LIVE on-spot, using audio hardware and computers. What’s even better you’ll get to play those early computer games!

Who Played?


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