Pulse code modulation “Sonne und Stahl” Pong music 03


Following the recent “Himmel Strasse” Ep in June 2011 charted by Mark Broom (July # 1st), Paul Nazca, DeepChord/Echospace, Jack De Narseille, Los Hermanos, Dj Deep…

Here is the new “Sonne und Stahl” Ep:

Pulse Code Modulation-Glubber

Pulse Code Modulation-Sonne & Stahl

Two deep & dub techno tracks between Maurizio M- series and Detroit/ Basic Channel likes highly supported by Gez Varley (LFO), John E. Collins (U.R.), Fabrice Lig, Claudio Mate, AKex (Katapult/Karat), DJ Oil, Deep in Dub label…

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