Vidar Nord


Vidar Nord is an 38 year old norwegian producer/songwriter with many years in the electronical genre producing/writing/co-working/remixing for artists like ferry corsten, william orbit, dj shog, dj stigma, hanaumi & norwegian glamourmodel Helene Rask.



1. Twisted vocal
2. Something backwards
3. Analog synths

Ida Helen Fjeld – Capa/Ambient

CAPA is based upon voicemanipulation. To find the unique phrase ore sound when the calculated is beeing twisted and bent to the uncalculated. To change conventional ideas around form and structure in a synthetic landscape.
The creator of CAPA is Vidar Nord,an Nowegian producer with an extensive background in songwriting and music production for advertising, television, film and artists. In years the CAPA-project was a playground for exploring ideas and letting off steam after working with vokals not going the way as planed. After prosessing the failed vokal-takes and changing the tune and rythm sometimes someting new and interesting was born. A new vokal-phrase giving inspiration to a new CAPA-track.

Capa cover









Capa 1









Capa 2









Capa 3









Vidar Nord

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