Who is Kevin Casey?

Born in The Bronx, NY, Kevin Casey is currently spending his time between Manhattan and Westchester County. His whole life has been all about music. At a young age, Kevin Casey started playing the alto saxophone and piano. As this was getting by, at the age of 16, Casey began DJ-ing at local bars in his neighborhood. As time passed within a few years he was playing in established clubs and lounges right through the city. His DJ- ing continued and during his university days near Toronto, Ontario, he DJ-ed at some of area’s premier clubs. In Canada, his reputation grew fast; prompting him gigs DJ-ing alongside top hip hop acts such as Fabulous, Lloyd Banks, Juelz Santana, and Joe Budden. Upon graduation, Kevin Casey returned to New York where he continued to play out, at same time incorporating a much more electronic vibe into his sets. Here he lined up with Hector Mendoza Jr. of the world renowned Et Musique Pour Tous as the duo Casey Mendoza, and they both put together an innovative live sound that landed them several headlining shows in Santo Domingo and other areas of Dominican Republic.

More time on production was set aside by Kevin alongside Grammy nominated producers Scram Jones and Buck wild, following his graduation. In the same period he put out a classic NY hip hop mix tape titled Live from New York: 1994-2001. The same received a huge positive reviews from hundred of blogs, which included the reputable Sasha Frere-Jones of The New Yorker.

Currently, being a producer, he is experimenting with new sounds while expanding his production across different genres. Apparently he has found new love; electronic music, with which has led him to creating most of his original material within the genre. The said transformation has inspired him to go ahead and follow the blueprint of Live from New York, now with electronic music.

There was no stopping Kevin Casey. Field of EDM mixes from the DJ’s in the world was his next stop. The research kicked off and he made the decision to proceed in creation of Layers. A similar style between them all followed, and in many cases 12-15 tracks spread out in more than hour mix. Abruptly his thoughts were to do the complete opposite. Talk of talent I tell you this guy had it all. In 2012, he is looking out for someone who wants MORE and FAST and those are his thoughts on modern consumer. Execution of Layers according to Casey is that, as much as you deliver, and in as a little amount of time. All mixes in key in motion, allowed him to make multi-layered sections where 3 or 4 songs segments were being used to complete transition, and all the while remaining sonically pleasing. Later, hundreds of plug ins and effects, endless amount of filter automation and samples. At the end, adding production to glue it all together, we had finished product. That is Kevin Casey for you.

Talk of talent or passion and Kevin Casey is the guy to look out for.

I really enjoyed listening Kevin’s “Layers”. “Layers” are available at Soundcloud, you can listen it here: http://soundcloud.com/kevin_casey/layers

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