Top 5 iOS Apps for DJs

It’s tricky to find one app that is going to suit everyone. Different people are looking for various features that are going to suit them, depending on their needs and requirements.

According to what the general public are looking for, here are the Top 5 iOS apps for DJs and folk who want to just get a little more creative as well.

Djay 1

This is rated highly amongst people who don’t want to spend a lot of time learning about various features. Anyone can navigate their way around Djay in no time at all. You can choose to either perform your very own mixes or use the automix feature, which can also come to great use. This comes integrated in your music library of your iPad, so you don’t have to fish around for any sounds. You can also choose to use this on various wireless speakers.

Traktor DJ

This is also a powerful app which has hit the market and has become popular in a short space in time. You simply use a couple of swipes and pinches to get your message across when you are using your iPad. You can easily access your music library and when you are there, the app will guide you as to which songs to pick based on the tempo. There are a lot of tips and tutorials which help one along the way. The end result is professional in quality because of the effects that are included. You will also receive regular updates.

DJ Rig

You will find there is a free version here as well as a more professional version, which you will have to pay for, so have a look at the features and find out how serious you are about what you are looking for. You may also find that the effects that this app comes with are more basic than what Traktor DJ provides you with. For someone who is trying to experiment with various tunes at home, this is a nice place to start.

Cross DJ

Folks love the features of Cross DJ for iPods, which include 2 channel mixing, real-time FX, 3-band equalizer, looping as well as a whole lot more to experiment with. This is for both professionals as well as for people who just want to get started. Your iTunes library is laid out in front of you, so you don’t have to go searching for songs. Everything is simple to get the hang of with an interface that is neatly arranged and uncluttered. The keylocking feature is another great feature when you are mixing to ensure that the pitch does not change. So, it’s high time you got either the iPad or iPad Mini, and started exploring and using the Cross DJ.

DJ Mixer 3

A lot of people are using this app, whether they are professional DJ’s or whether they just want to test out their creative skills on a couple of their iTunes tracks. You can stream your cue over wifi to another iPad, for example. The sound effects that come with this app will add some variety to your mixes. This is a personal preference because not everyone is after these effects. You can use the function which will simply go on autopilot and this means you don’t have to be doing the mixing, and you can socialize with your friends instead.

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