Hypnosurf – Can hypnosis improve your surfing skills?

It’s time to introduce one of our commercial electronic music projects. This one is very interesting as for us there was no composition involved, but something completely different. Hypnosurf is a concept by Les Foster which essentially involves practice of hypnosis in order to improve one’s focus, concentration and coordination skills. His first release is targeted at surfers; this is not a surprise as Les is an experience surfer himself. Les teamed up with a professional longboarder Ray Gleave, professional shortboarder Shane Bevan and a clinical hypnotherapist John Wong (Dip. Clin Hyp, BA (Psych), Grad. Dip Ed., Cert IV Assmt & Trng) to ensure a high quality functional product was delivered. Analogik team worked from the original script carefully prepared by the Hypnosurf team and organized a recording session at SAE Institute in Brisbane (http://www2.sae.edu/aus/brisbane/ ). After hours of recording we ended up with high quality audio files ready for production fun.

Naturally as this is a copyrighted and patented product we’re not going to disclose the exact method we used to achieve the enhanced hypnotic event but we’ll touch on the more familiar concepts of this sound design project. Unlike most artistic projects we’ve been involved with; this one was more on a scientific basis and needed some research before we could come up with a recommendation. The hypnosis recording alone is only half the product here, the second half (apart from obvious editing, arrangement work and sound effects) is the right balance of binaural auto-panner envelopes (aka Brainwave Synchronizer) from the good old Syntrillium Cool Edit Pro, now Adobe Audition. It’s a well known fact that certain audio frequencies affect one’s mental state, we just used that knowledge to make the right transition into the “trance vortex” finally reaching the alpha state. After hours and hours of editing we finally got it right and the effect was… well, literally – hypnotic!

Surfer or not, get yourself this CD and try it out – we guarantee you will love it!

Can hypnosis improve your surfing?

Top athletes and sports people at the peak of their performance are world beaters consistently with the use of hypnosis. Tiger Woods used hypnosis specifically designed for golf and now, in a world first release, it is here specifically designed for surfing.

“After having surfed with many very experienced surfers it became evident from post surf discussions that if you are not surfing at your personal best, when you have the right equipment, suitable surf, proper surf fitness and experience, a common factor for sub standard performance is often the mind,” says Les Foster the creator of the Hypnosurf programs.

The Hypnosurf program has been in the making for 3 years and a s part of the research and development Les joined forces with Professional Longboarder Ray Gleave, Professional Shortboarder Shane Bevan and Clinical Hypnotherapist John Wong (Dip. Clin Hyp, BA (Psych), Grad. Dip Ed., Cert IV Assmt & Trng) to ensure a high quality functional product was delivered.

The idea came about to the creator (Les Foster) during a surf trip to the east coast of Sri Lanka in July 2004 (pre-tsunami).

After experiencing some really nice clean surf with a good crew of experienced surfers it was natural the discussion over dinner and throughout the evening was focussed on the quality of the surf and their surfing along with what to expect tomorrow and in the days ahead. During these discussions the question was raised; why is it you can be surfing really well, just going off, unable to put a foot wrong, completely nailing it and then all of a sudden on your next surf, for no reason whatsoever things just wouldn’t come together, you couldn’t get it right, you just seemed to be out of the ‘zone’, or worse still you had a shocker, the question was why? You had been eating well, hadn’t been on the piss, you can surf, you have surf fitness, you have the right equipment and you have the waves for the taking, again why?

The agreed consensus at all times with many different surfers was your ‘head’ if your mind isn’t right it plays havoc with your performance. Time and time again without any prompting the consensus was the same, the ‘head’ on every occasion.

During this 6 week trip a lull in the Surf was forecast ‘love the internet – didn’t have that on my last trip to Sri Lanka in 1983′ Les headed off to a Buddhist meditation centre in the Hill country of Kandy to try and absorb and take on board these discussions, debates and the thoughts of the other surfers. After five days of pretty well total silence and meditating for approximately 8 hours ‘even while doing chores, like peeling carrots for the meal as a cloud drifted past and what seemed through my body’ Les got a fair handle, albeit very raw and uneducated at that time, on the discipline that can be applied to the mind with focus, visualization and imagery.

He then returned to the east coast and Abay area just in time to pick up a nice new clean 3′-5′ swell and enjoyed the final week and a half of his trip. During this journey Les surfed many different breaks with many different surfers with the same consensus ‘head’.

Les then returned to Australia and started reading up on Neuro- Linguistic Programming one of the most powerful forms of psychology available today. Along with this he started looking into sports psychology and testing with hypnosis in respect to sports performance and specifically started designing a surf specific script and from this the Hypnosurf product ‘Patent Application No.2006907057′ began to take shape.

In 2006 Les decided to do further surf trip to Indonesia surfing in Bali and Sumbawa, and on a dedicated mission of further research and development by surfing and communicating with many Australian and International surfers, again the consensus was the same. This confirmed to Les if he wanted to proceed further with this project it was time to take the financial leap to invest some serious money into this project.

It was then the formation of the company Hypnosurf Pty Ltd began and Ian Tannahill from Ahearn Fox Trademark and Patent Attorney’s was engaged to commence securing National and International Intellectual Property Rights in the product.

The end result is a ‘money back satisfaction guaranteed product’ that will have an amazing impact on your surf performance results that comes with a

Future products planned for release under the patent application include Snowboarding and Carveboarding.

More: www.hypnosurf.com

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