Zeljko Hrastovcak

HrastProgrammerNow, here is something different. HrastProgrammer has brought us back to the original concepts of electronic music with minor outside influences and his free authoring spirit.
Zeljko’s music sounds like electronic music should sound. It is electronic and it feels like glimpses of human future.

As soon as you open any one of the tracks, you will notice that their length is uneven and unconventional by all commercial standards, which I think is fantastic. Do not get fooled though, none of Zeljko’s pieces sound amateurish and there is no doubt that he had a great time writing his music.

Enjoy the tracks and listen to them with an open mind. Expect more Asimov and Clarke and less DJ Tiësto. Even though HrastProgrammer might not make as much money through his musical career, we feel obliged to promote, document and archive his work, just as we will do with any electronic music artist out there that is trying to leave a mark and produce art before money.

What we all should learn from his work, is that in order to write a good piece of music you simply have to go with your instinct and follow what feels right and what sounds beautiful. In addition, you might want to stay away from samples and occasionally disable that boring and often, unnecessary bass drum that seems to have ruled the electronic music for decades.

The bass drum has labeled electronic music (commonly generalized as techno) as a stereotype in both positive, but also highly negative connotation, often present when a laic is first introduced to a pop techno commercial track.

Less talk and more listening.
Following are the tracks:

Electronic Music Studio

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