Alex Nevsky

Dj & Producer
Age :22
Genre: Progressive/Electro/Tech House
Influence: William Orbit
Characteristic: Still love my vinyl,using cd’s only for special effects & extra sounds

Alex Nevsky,started his career in earnest 2001. Never the less Alex began collecting records and learn about music earlier.

At the age 17,Alex was already playing music in various clubs and bars in his home town Athens (Greece) Alex ,in order to gain more experience and to further his knowledge in djing,he moved to Cyprus (Ayia-Napa).

In Ayia-Napa he was widely involved in dj promotion and organizing his own nights. Alex specialized in electronic sounds and electronic dance music.Alex Nevsky was fortunate enough to meet likes of: Robert Van Ryn, Adam White, Anthony Dean,Mike Koglin,Graham Gold,Matt Darey,Sonar K,DeeJay,Mad Hatter,Anna Kiss,EZ,Nick Powers, Neil Navarra.This fruitful cooperation helped Alex to find his place in the diverse world of music industry.

Alex’s first experiences and ensuing success in Cyprus did not satisfied his aspiration.Thus,Alex decided to move to England,where the long tradition of dance music has been in existence in many years.Alex thought that England was the best place for him to bolster his knowledge and technique.

Hence,he decided to enrol to Community College in Liverpool,where Alex continued to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a professional music producer and composer.

Alex Nevsky’s performed:
Clubs:Abbys(2003/04/05/o6),Gas(2002/03),River Reage(2003/06),Aqua(2004),Illigos(2001),Cherry Jam(2004)Bars:Laderna(2003/04/05/06),Exposure(2004),Make donas(2005),Volt(2004),American(2001)


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