cektoreMy ingredients of psytrance are as follows. I utilize big tight drum kicks at 145 bpm. I love strong groovy basslines that take variable shapes and control the overall groove and flow. These two combine the “base” and the second tier include snappy snares,atmospheric pads,arithmic bongos, crispy hh, exotic instruments either sampled or generated. Finally, the icing on the cake are what I call the “track’s voice” or the synth leads. The leads can either take on a solo or rythmic attitude and are the distinguiable aspects that differ from track to track. I love using plug-ins especially (filters, phasers,reverbs) and love tweeking with LFOs, ENVs,OSC, and customizing arp patterns. My overall goal is to produce music that is unique on a track to track basis.

I started CEKTORE in late 2004 but my psytrance admiration started back in 1996. It all started with my first taste of GOA trance and since then I have listened, collected, and DJ’d to my favorite psytrance heroes. In 2004, I began volunteer work for THUMP RADIO in assisting them throwing parties in San Francisco. During this time, I had the privilege of working along side true professionals from the psytrance world. In June, we booked Absolum to play at our party. He is a talented artist and the label owner of 3D Vision records based out of Ibiza, Spain. That evening, the man unleashed TRUE shock and awe. The experience left such an impression it triggered a desire and devotion to produce psytrance. Soon after, I purchased a computer/software, monitors, and a synth to begin my epic journey.To date, my music production is a constant effort and is also evolving due to my spontaneous approach.

Website: www.soundclick.com/cektore

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