Sonic Transport System

D'Funk“I like to design my own sounds….my influences can be bands like coil, clock dva, front 242, kox box, logic bomb.”

I always listen to electronic music…the industrial and techno industrial music scene was always in my mind, or you can say the european underground music scene of the 80´s.
I start making music 4 years ago and my gear is:

  • yamaha A100a amplifier
  • D.A.S. monitor 8
  • Behringer MX 2004A
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro
  • Digitech studio quad 4
  • Yamaha cs2x
  • Korg MS 2000 rack
  • Clavia Nord Modular Keys
  • Computer with Creamware sound card and scope fusion platform
  • Creamware Modular 2
  • Cubase SX and a lot of plug ins, instruments and FX

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