Pulse 6 Track Multimedia Review

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0000 0028

Starting off with two bright and crisp pads. The pad in the background, slightly deeper than the other, steadily oscillates filling the atmosphere with intrigue and enigma. Higher pitch pad alternates between the two notes four times and leads into the anticipated start of the track. This sequence stimulates the mind for something sophisticated that is about to begin.

0028 0054

And here comes the beginning. Clean and pure beat starts driving the rhythm of the track setting the tempo that will follow throughout the entire track. Fresh and punchy synth sound starts in sync with the beat with its delayed bouncy and descending regression with perpetual rebirths. Quite a predictable cymbal counter-beat tags along spicing up the loop cycle. The mood is chilled and relaxed – at this stage the track promises nothing extraordinary.

0054 0123

Oh the wonderful electro bleep – appears twice and delays after that echoing and fading away while the perfectly balanced and filling bass line takes over, merges with the rest of the sounds in an appropriate pattern of notes. The bleeps now occur with every new sound introduction – first one, the reverbed claps. The clap/bleep tease introduces a cleverly weaved electro synthesizer sequence that will follow ever after, this is very hard to notice during the first listening but becomes much clearer as the sound layering changes at a later stage.

0123 0150

The clap/bleep combination repeats as the new sound adds itself to the progression.
The new sound is quite melancholic and retrospective as if this aurally created futuristic scene had to explain its history to the listener. Only at this point the background pad from the start of the track finally bends its pitch under the burden of the newly introduced moody pad. Soft pitch bend continues as pad starts to create a sub-melody of its own that effortlessly blends with the rest of the track. At this stage the arrangement has lost the delayed bouncy synth and the mystery electro sequence becomes more prominent.

0150 0245

Once again the track delivers the unexpected freshness as the story continues. The mid-pitched triangular analogue synth takes over the focus as if we’re being fast-forwarded a few decades in this future history lesson. The mood is still quite calm but with an extra dose of optimism and strength. Sharp synth comes in couple of loops varying in its filtered sound body. It’s getting more intense by the second.

0245 0310

The bouncy synth and the main pad are returning. The song goes into a full psytrance mode with a rich selection of sounds, too many one would think, but far from cacophony of a typical aurally oversaturated goa track. And finally a break –

0310 0325

We are now hearing millions of microscopic marbles spilling on the flat surface, pouring, running and colliding to the point where they create white noise. What a brilliant tension release!

0325 0420

The track which started as a soft and melancholic story of the past now turns towards the present while the determined beat ticks like seconds. A wide variety of harsh electro-sounds dominate the track at this stage.

0420 0515

And the reverbed white noise with the marbles pours again. This is where the track goes back to its original theme. This is the travelling part. Dynamics increase to the point of another breakdown and the introduction to the new sequence.

0515 0610

Detuned struggling lead starts to tell its own story with a lovely little crystal block tone appearing randomly, out of nowhere while the marbles keep pouring to lead into another breakdown.

0610 0637

The beat is lost. What strange creatures did this space ship encounter I wonder?

0637 0846

The sound is now pure again and starts followed by delayed lead repetitions. The pad kicks in while the bouncy synth from the beginning of the track makes another appearance. The track winds down in the tone of optimism which is set by the wonderful synth punch heard in the earlier stage of the track – and ends as mysteriously as it had begun.

Summary: Futuristic Revelation.


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