Ogi Gee Cash

Ogi Gee Cash was born in 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has been DJing for twenty years and producing high-quality house music for almost nine years in which he has had nearly 150 releases both vinyl and digital. His first progressive release was “Fullbite Session ep” for Minimal Records back in 2001 and was hugely supported by all the top DJs on the globe. Due to his outstanding music production, three major compilations came along: Layo&Bushwacka “All Night Long” with the track Funky Misbehaviour (2003), Saeed&Palash with Beatcox (2004) and Can Costa “Proton Music” with Soul Food (2006).

Being the first Dj to establish progressive house in South-Eastern Europe, he reached the heights of his career which culminated during his residency in “Contrast”, the first underground club in this part of Europe (Novi Sad, 1997-2000) and his ongoing residency in the famous “Underground” club in Belgrade (since 2001). Ogi’s enormous creativity resulted in numerous releases for the well-known labels, such as: Proton, Existence, Baroque, Pure Substance, Carica, Pangea, Play, Segment, Minimal, Dirty Blue, Fiberline Audio, Balistic, Balkan Connection, Fullbite Session, Cue Tip Records and many more. Ogi is also the owner of his own label – Balkan Connection with producer mates Synchronized.

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