Electronic Music, First Contact

Human brain stores an infinite array of environmental properties such as sound, shape, color and smell. Often, these are associated with a specific time reference and then lost in a cul-de-sac of dormant memory. Those seemingly lost fragments of memory can then be brought to life much later by the very same stimulants, awakening an entire range of associated perceptions, feelings and thoughts encapsulated within the given point in time.

Music for example, can act as a link and take us back in time so vividly, initiating some of the memories that seemed lost forever.

When I was only three, I would cheer and dance to a 7 o’clock news tuneon Yugoslav national TV accompanied by a primitive computer animation of dots assembling into an unwrapping globe. The music at the time sounded cheerful and up beat, and clearly got me excited. My parents did not know why it affected me so much, but they accepted it the way it was – sort of like a highlight of the evening when little Dejan does a little boogie.

Recently I ran into a video of this very same jingle and hearing it again after so many years made me realize that what I heard as a child was in fact a very fine piece of vintage electronic music, completely original and outside any possible commercial influences. I get the goose bumps imagining what kind of chunky equipment this had to be composed on, over two decades ago.

This now sets firm grounds for a conclusion that love for electronic music is something you were born with.

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by Dejan Petrovic

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