Dejan Petrovic

Dan Petrovic has completed a wide range of educational goals. These have been an important part of his life experience as well. He has a attended Griffith University, Nathan Campus in Brisbane, Australia. While there he completed a Bachelors of Multimedia, with Major in Design. This is complimented by his ability to speak both English and Serbian.

He has personal interests in Science, Technology, Education, Futurism, Music and a variety of the Arts. He is also a big supporter of others in these fields of interest. These passions have led him to pursue and run campaigns, private initiatives and activities that promote the advancement of these personal interests.

In the professional world he is focused on SEO / Search Engine Optimisation, Link Building, Search Engines, Online Marketing, and is currently the Director / Owner of Dejan SEO.
As such, he has also been called on to be a guest lecturer at his own Alma Matter, Griffith University. He also compiles research material and writes papers on topic of search engines. His expertise in this area is his strongest suit professionally.
Besides his work, Dan enjoys writing music, hiking, mountain biking and science fiction literature. He is a well rounded and educated individual.


Analogik and Music

I am a co-founder of Analogik, responsible for content, maintenance and promotion of our website.
My music style can be described as hard and minimal explorative techno, often influenced by schranz and future tech sounds.

General inspiration comes from nature, urban environments, mechanics, technology, science, but first of all, futurism – my greatest passion. Most of my tracks never get properly sequenced and, so to speak, finished. In my musical efforts I am constantly in quest for the idea – the light motif, and often get bored by technological limitations, sound effects…etc.

To me it’s not important to fine tune and polish a track unless there was a really good reason for it. At best I will map all the virtual instruments to a MicroKORG and use it as a MIDI controller. Tracks like that are perfect for my performance type, and that is – pure live mix.
I love techno in its raw form and often have a better time listening to an amateur having a go at his first couple of tracks than a washed-out professional struggling for inspiration. Track production routine consists of knowledge, experience, and technical expertise and is probably one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a creative producer.
Hobbies and Preferences
I enjoy healthy life with no alcohol, coffee, smoking or chemicals. I love good food, especially fruit, and enjoy spending time with friends in the nature, mountain biking, bush walking and camping.
On weekdays, after business hours you’ll often find me at my desk writing music, experimenting with sounds, working on a new multimedia/web project or simply researching the web to satisfy my ever-hungry curiosity.
Film and literature preference is science/science fiction, followed by arthouse. Favourite writers would have to be Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke. Magazines subscriptions: TIME and New Scientist.

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