About us

What is Analogik?

Analogik is a group of industry professionals committed to providing quality content and online resources in fields of electronic music, multimedia, visual arts, science, technology and culture.

When did we start?

We were formed In 1999 in Brisbane, Australia. Our current domain (analogik.com) has been registered in January 2001.

What does the name mean?

It derived from the phrase “analogue logic”.

What do we do?
Day: Multimedia, Web Design, Film & Video, Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation.
Night: All of the above + electronic music, science, research, philosophy.



Audience can be characterised as young to middle-aged intellectuals, multimedia professionals, musicians and artists. Common users are mainly attracted by popular multimedia such as flash games and music downloads. Average of around 3000+ visitors per day / 100,000 visitors per month.