DIVYDE, the first artist to be part of the Stereo Statik family. His style is unique, mysterious, and dark; all the while maintaining an energetic vibe. His productions are rich with various elements that immerse the mind and soul. A growing process being developed from years of hardwork and experience now shared ready to be with the world.
Justin 084B

We are excited to introduce divyde with his latest release on Stereo Statik, Panlifly.
Panlifly maintains grit and mystery throughout. Plentiful drums and rogue sounds keep the track rolling until the irritable flange bass percussive breakdown sets up the finale of this tension builder.

Divyde-Panlifly by Stereo Statik

The second track from Divyde out on 8-23 slightly brightens the atmosphere following the darker release, Panlifly. But once again he compliments an array of drums and effects with an evolving and growing bass and synth to give the tack the depth and progression needed.

Divyde-Initial Contact by Stereo Statik

The Frame is an audio illustration of what drives Divyde creatively. He strives to provide cutting edge mixes with various styles of house and techno while reaching out to listeners encouraging interaction and discussion. Everyone that tunes in will witness his evolution and drive as an artist. Subscribe or download in itunes or stream via soundcloud.

Divyde – The Frame1 by Divyde

Official Webpage: http://www.divyde.com
Sound Cloud music: www.soundcloud.com/divyde
iTunes podcast subscription:
Stereo Statik Label: www.stereostatik.com
Facebook Divyde: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Divyde/131105853610442
Facebook Stereo Statik:
Divyde Twitter: @divydemusic

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