Acid Monsters inhabiting Mutant Sheep

After spending more than a year on the road promoting their album Upgrade To Mutant Sheep in France (40 shows), in the Balkans, and in the USA last summer, Paral-lel is back with anew release.

Freaks Rock!, their new EP, was born on the road. It’s the joining of their mutant sound and analog TB303, 909 and 808 grafts. Leaving their electronica influences aside momentarily, this release explores a more human, simple and authentic sound. Change is also felt in the cover design; an innovative and infinite patchwork of possibilities done entirely by hand by artist Julie Chovin.

Freaks Rock! heads into Hip hop / techno / break orbit with the huge acid track Freak Beat; it then heads into an abrasive groove with a high end that will tear off the dance floor with Coretefax. For those nostalgic for the old times, the dissonant TaToil revisits early Rave while the punchy The Head pulls us into an epic electro / break oblivion. The EP concludes with the explosive brainwashing of BigRedKlit.

Along with their tracks, Paral-lel has picked 3 remixes by ClarkFlore and SKNDR, illustrating some of their most meaningful encounters this year.
Clark remix Till the day Falls
: The Warp genius that no longer needs presenting, presents an a unique track, similar to his work on Bady Riddle, that only he has the secret of making. Florenightmare remix Acidx: A massive and brooding piece, with hints of dub-step. SKNDR remix Attack of the Mutant Sheep: A straight up techno gem!

You know what? … Freaks Rock! … Yeah!


Paral-lel‘s strength lies in their years of live performance since their creation in 2002. Already involved with BEE Records at that time, they have since grown and evolved on stage, sharing influences and visions by jumping between electronicabreak-beatelectrotechno and IDM. Three EPs between 2002 and 2006 were sufficient to impose and propagate their sound through some very prestigious venues and festivals: Sonar in Barcelona, Fortress in London, Marsatac in Marseille, le Printemps de BourgesNuits Sonores in Lyon, the Montreux jazz Festival and Nordik Impact.

In 2007 the release of their first album Attack of the Mutant Sheepwas followed up by a long nationwide tour in France’s best venues: le Bataclan (Paris), Le Splendid (Lille), la Laiterie (Strasbourg), l’Olympic (Nantes) ou le Transbordeur (Lyon). Without skipping a beat their road-warrior antics led them abroad to the Balkans (Croatia and Bosnia) in spring 2008, and then to the USA during the following summer for a massive tour, playing in New York, Boston, Austin, Miami and Dallas.

The US tour was a success, and in March 09 they are heading back to play WMC in Miami and SXSW in Austin, proving once again their mastering of live performance and will to move the dance floor! Thus it was on the road that Paral-lel hatched their mini-album in disguise, Freaks Rock!

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