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Italian in origin and living in paris, Mateo is an artist of the French Electronic underground scene.

Event organizer of the prestigious Global Progress, he know has touched his public by offering a different and exclusive programming in the best Parisian clubs like Man Ray, The Showcase.

His numerous collaborations even talk of them, we note the presence of artists like Nicole Moudaber, Sebastien Leger,Coyu, Umek or even Phunk Investigation …

It is also the producer of the radio emission of GLOBAL PROGRESS RADIOSHOW, where every week, it offers a selection of the best underground music accompanied by a presentation of vocal tracks mixed but also talking about the news broadcast and electronic world over many international radio stations.
He also invited the best djs in GUEST international exclusive mixes whose presences of Steve Lawler, Carlo Lio, Marco Bailey, Coyu, Rainer Weischold, Nick Olivetti, Pablo Ceballos and many others.

His productions are noticed, of “African Song” on Incense Records, on his EP “THE BANG” coming Soon on Suicide Reboot, a groovy music and a powerful energy.

In perpetual evolution, the essential purpose of his creations is to vibrate the public and share his emotions.

Find Mateo Scramm here:


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