New electronic music discovery service is an electronic music discovery service headed by Jason Wimp. It’s being built by a very small team, and we expect to launch our alpha-stage release at the end of March or early in April. Our public beta does not have a set launch date, but will most likely become available in May; hopefully we can release it even earlier.

We “crowd source” our content from SoundCloud, YouTube and from raw uploads, which allows us to offer the latest and most popular tracks for free, with no fees whatsoever. Our service provides a beautiful fullscreen web application interface, which is compatible with all desktop browsers, with mobile support coming soon. Users need only to log into our service to start listening to the latest and greatest music.

We are adding support to allow individuals to add tracks to the site in order to help us add content at an even faster rate. You can listen to playlists that have been precompiled by us, or create your own. The recommendation engine we are working on also tracks complex track information, much like Pandora Radio and competing services, so that you can discover even more great music. If our launch goes well, we even plan to expand to other genres in order to bring the experience of Womp to a larger audience. To sign up or learn more about Womp, you can visit

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