Picture Over Picture


Human Boot Project’s latest EP “Picture Over Picture” has just been released on V.I.M. Records (Greece).
The EP is now available, exclusively on Beatport.

4 quality tracks ranging from Downtempo beauty to Jazz Electronica futurism !!

Picture Over Picture
“A beautiful melodic and dreamy piece of top quality Electronica music. Wicked floating, superb melodies, Jazzy drops awesome spacey feeling!! Warm and emotional quality music!! ”
Full Length Preview (SoundCloud)

“Breaking up boundaries and messin up heads…..quirky Experimental Electronica via a dash of Breakbeat quality…the road to the other side is here!! ”
Full Length Preview (SoundCloud)

Bourbon Bright
“Future Jazz via Fusion Experimentalism……..Amon Tobin and Carl Craig’s Innerzone Orchestra shall be proud for their kid!! ”

“This is another quality piece of modern Electronica. Deep, spacey, darkish and Jazzy this one got an awesome trippy live feeling! ”
Full Length Preview (SoundCloud)

Human Boot:


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