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In an age of amazing innovation, it is easy to become jaded by reality until even an incredible event no longer seems exciting. AlterNation is an event organization on a mission to restore that lost sense of wonder and amazement to experiences of all kinds. Professional designers, graphic and video artists, event planners and top DJs come together as a unified whole to make AlterNation a collective of unprecedented talents. Any type of party, celebration, concert or gathering can be transformed into an experience of lasting impact with professional event organization.

Entertainment Reconstructed

Inspired by the Eastern European club scene, Alternation ,uses the exhilarating atmosphere of a nightclub as a means to present a unified concept. By blending scintillating entertainment with the focus of professional artists, a simple gathering can be transformed into an event. This combination of experiences can be used for any number of purposes. The array of entertainment provided by Alternation can become the core of any style of event.

Performance Artists

The performers of Alternation take on the aspects of colourful, vibrant entities that enhance the sensory excitement of a creative experience. Some of them are playful, some are enigmatic and some redefine the boundaries of eroticism. The central appeal of each artist is his or her unique contribution to the theme of the experience as a whole.

Fire Performance Artists

Few other things have the power to fascinate and amaze in the way which a burning fire captures attention. For centuries, the dance of flames has mystified and attracted untold millions. The fire performers of Alternation harness this timeless allure and incorporate it into a visual display that touches on the most primal fascinations of the audience.

These performers breathe fire into incredible shapes while twirling batons and orbs that are literally alight. The results have to be seen to be truly appreciated. All of the fire performance techniques can be performed with LED lights or flags for events that take place in indoor venues.

Motion Theatre

Dancers contort their lithe bodies to hypnotic rhythms throughout the event space. Theatrical dance styles are a form of artistic expression that combine stark beauty with stunning physical exertion. This type of dance lends an air of sophistication and refinement to events of any size or design.

Club dancers highlight the modern and trendy feel of sleek, contemporary events. With a soundtrack featuring the most popular and legendary DJs, these dancers highlight the appeal of futurism and the legacy of European electronica.

dance motion theatre

Parkour and Acrobatics

The visual splendor of theatrical dance is taken to new heights with the thrilling exploits of experienced acrobats and Parkour traceurs. As a performance, these activities are a celebration of freedom and the raw joy of movement. Acrobatics combine all forms of motion and elevate them to a level of difficulty that inspires awe from every member of the audience. The performers roll and tumble across the stage, leap from great heights and defy the everyday conventions of physical expression.

Parkour traceurs are among the most hardcore athletes in the world. They traverse urban landscapes with a grace usually reserved for theatrical performance. In a performance space, all of the details of their craft can be seen in a powerful new way. They bring an unbelievable amount of energy and vitality to any experience.


Stilt Walking

The stilt performers of Alternation are truly remarkable to behold. Towering over those around them, they create an otherworldly atmosphere where anything seems possible. Spectators can relate to them because of their essential humanity but are simultaneously perplexed by them because of their superhuman appearance. The different types of stilt walking performers each carry their own unique appeal that plays on the imagination of those watching.

The eRobotics performers are adorned with gleaming metallic armor and futuristic eyewear. The eRobotics 2.0 stilt walkers are similarly dressed but they are highlighted by vibrant LED lighting.

Stilt Walking

At almost 2.5 meters tall, the iPunk style of stilt performers are equally amazing. Their sleek colouration and fluid movement plays against the angular, hard outlines of body decoration inspired by techno-culture. Many more kinds of stilt performers, each with their own custom-designed costumes, can enliven all kinds of events.

The Art of Entertainment

There are dozens of other features of the Alternation organization. Virtually any event can be designed and any brand concept can be constructed by the Alternation experts. The boundaries of the event experience are not limited by the expertise of the designers but by the creativity of the event host. Any detail, no matter how minute, can be fully customized to create any type of event. Much more detailed information can be found at

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