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The legacy of the electronica and techno music scene in Eastern Europe has attracted loyal followers from every corner of the world. Albert Rodriguez is one of that number and he has created a personal interpretation of the music styles that fascinate him. Although Albert is young (he was born in 1987) he has already made quite a name for himself. Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Albert is a key player in the movement to bring Eastern and Western European electronic music styles together. This melding of styles is producing exciting new sounds and generating a lot of buzz in the music press.

At the age of 16, Albert attended a concert at a club in Barcelona featuring the legendary techno artist Marko Nastic. It was at this concert that Albert found his passion for electronic music as a creator, not just as a listener. He wasted no time investing in new records and the size of his personal music collection quickly increased in size.


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After countless hours of committed practice, Albert began to develop a loyal fanbase of his own. The genesis of his new career culminated in an invitation to be the opener for a show at the La Cova club, just outside of Barcelona.

After wowing the audience as well as the club promoters, Albert was given further opportunities to hone his skills and perform alongside some of the biggest names in the European techno community. Performing with some of the greats influenced Albert’s style and, by adding his own ideas, he developed a trademark approach to song creation that combines traditional electronica with an appreciation for all things experimental. This personal musical evolution has continued to this day and Albert has earned a reputation for a musical style that is entirely unique among his artistic colleagues.


Not content to remain only a performer, Albert has recently begun to learn the art of music production. In fact, he and some of his friends in the music community have put their collective efforts together to organize a new event production company. The organization is called Wildlive and has already begun to schedule dates at clubs and festivals that will feature the elite of contemporary techno artists. With so much accomplished so quickly, Albert Rodriguez is sure to expand his artistic vision into the future. Judging by the quality of his work thus far, his future is certainly very bright.

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