Hrellic – soul of the city

Our regular visitors might notice that this post is a little bit different to our usual posts. For those of you that like to travel to unusual destinations, this isn’t a documentary to miss out on! Croatia is not known as an unusual destination, but Hrelic is definitely something you won’t find in every city. Check it out, you might put Zagreb on the list of your “soon to visit destinations”.

This documentary tells the story about a popular flea market in Zagreb. Documentary crew visited the market on a sunny Sunday and found many intriguing locals there. By stopping and chatting with people on the way, the narrator will guide you through specific ambient of this flea market. Another side of the market shows the social dimension of this popular place, giving you a glimpse into the lives of the stall holders, selling their used or new personal belongings just to make ends meet. Showing the perspective, that for many “normal life” is not always an easy life in Croatia.

Director: Slaven Petrić
Writers: Marija Capan Mare, Slaven Petrić
Director of photography: Ranko Tintor Fiko
Photographs: Ranko Tintor Fiko, Marija Capan Mare
Music: composer Slaven Petrić, performing by Marija Capan Mare (vocal), Slaven Petrić (instruments and vocal), Darko Mihaljević (electric solo guitar “Soul of the City”)
Camera: Ranko Tintor Fiko, Slaven Petrić
Producer and technical assistant: Igor Kolarić
Assistant producer: Nada Kačar
Editor: Slaven Petrić
Production: Studio Laniste, Zagreb, 2015.
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