E=MotionE=motion is the name for Jacek Spruch’s  solo projects. After many years of composing electronic music and gaining experience through collaborations with other musicians , Jacek Spruch finally releases his first official solo album –  “Infinite Motion”. The album contains one 54-minute piece which is a mix of Spruch’s most recent compositions. The music flows continuously – it’s infinite motion.


I’d like to inform you that new E=motion’s album has been released.
You can listen to it at: http://www.lastfm.pl/music/E%3DMotion/E-ternity

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“The 8 tracks are  presented as one continuous whole &, although this does mean it’s easy  to lose track of where you’ve got to it does have the advantage of meaning  that the album can be listened to as a complete suite in it’s own right rather than a collection of tracks (doesn’t help us reviewers much, though!!). Although the opening moments of “Hesitation” might lead you to believe you’ve got a retro album on your hands this is soon banished as the rhythmic elements begin to make their mark which makes for a more structured feel before becoming more up-tempo with some slight trance influences in places that are not unlike many of Keller & Schonwalder’s more up-tempo works, as proved most explicitely by the lively & catchy “Circular Movement”. Although there are some quieter,more melodic moments with the accoustic drums used in places adding an earthy,sometimes slightly rough mood, although one compact but powerful section relies heavily on thunderous drums, a solid sequential base not unlike Century’s End (if you can remember back that far!) & superbly embellished melodies for a track that will  rock your house to it’s foundations!. This powerful approach pays repeated dividends as Spruch builds up some powerful maelstroms of sound,the closing  “Beyond The History” in particular building up an unbelievable head of steam via some scorching sequences & red-hot solos that breathe live &  vitality into the music & make for a thunderous climax.
I was expecting  something good from this album but it passed my wildest expectations. Jacek proves to be a master of his craft with this superb album & I look forward to many more releases like it in the future.” -Carl Jenkinson – “Sequences” magazine

In September 2003 Jacek releases his second solo album entitled “A Dream Within A Dream”. The music employs complex, powerful rythms in some of the pieces contrasted with simple electronic beats in others, as well as hypnotic, layered sequences and energetic solos.
“All aboard the retro-train. That is the motto of this excellent release. I do not know who’s behind E=Motion and I do not really want to know. I’m just too busy head-banging on the splendid sounds of this old school EM. The opener, ‘Awakening’, starts relatively modestly with a strong rhythm and on top quasi-soloing (if you understand what I mean). It all breaks loose in the next track, which is titled ‘Global Beat’. Say no more. It is a marvellous, rhythmic song. All eight tracks on this CD clock at around six minutes of pure bliss (listen to the excellent solo in ‘Timebound’, a real top of the bill piece). References? Think Tangerine Dream, Ashra, early Vangelis, Greenslade, Genesis’ Tony Banks, and Supersister without over exaggerated use of the sequencer and instead with beautiful synthesizer soloing. Nice, nice, nice. I want more of this.” (FIVE STARS)   Andre de Waal / E-dition magazine www.e-ditionmag.com

RE-TRANCE-MISSION is the third solo album of Jacek Spruch, finished in August 2004. The album presents a more traditional approach to electronic music and falls into the genre of “Berlin school”. In the earlier works you could hear strong influences of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze but Spruch allowed himself to experiment with different contemporary kinds of music.
This time we are presented with a record more equal in style. With the use of contemporary devices Spruch created an album which would appeal to fans of traditional electronic music. You can find here the atmosphere for which early Tangerine Dream and traditional Klaus Schulze is so admired for. But again you will come across Jacek Spruch individuality which is permament on all his albums.

In June 2005 Jacek Spruch finishes work on E=motion’s fourth album entitled “Telepath”. The album is composed of sequences and solos similar in character to previous albums. Hypnotic sounds mixed into over 60 minutes of continuous flow represent an exploration and development of Berlin school into a new quality.

In May 2006, Spruch’s next album, “Hypnotic Sequences”,  is released.

Two media are available: a CD-R with traditional stereo mix and a DVD-R with surround mix, compatible both with DVD-Audio and DVD-Video players.

URL: www.underwatermusic.of.pl
Music: http://mp3.wp.pl/p/strefa/sciagnij/112888.mp3

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