Glow Necklaces

There’s something about time that changes at a rave, slows down, speeds up, goes on and on until all at once, you know it’s over. Maybe it’s the music, bass beat you can feel all over, makes your bones hum, your skin dance. DJ like one with the ravers, bodies moving, glow necklaces turning everyone on. Maybe it’s the necklaces themselves that do it, bright colors and soft lights, candy-sweet circles making you glow all by yourself, making you one with everyone else there, too.

It’s impossible not to smile when you here that snap of light, it makes you happy just to hear it, cool plastic necklace that warms up like it’s part of your skin. Glow necklaces mean good times, it’s like karma or something, you can’t prove it but you know it’s true. You feel it the moment you see them, neon glowing from across the way and music floating closer, people pressed together, arms linked, laughing. And then you’re there, and someone puts a necklace on you and you’re part of that same moment, good times from that point forward. It changes the air, maybe. All that light, everyone happy, breathing together, drinking it in.

Even after, pale light of morning on the horizon like the glow around your neck, time edging back to normal and the day taking over, but it’s all good. You’re tired, no doubt about it, but energized, too. Diner coffee and soft smiles, flecks of sparkle in the table top, people coming in and out now, pinstripes and pointy shoes. You can’t believe the time went by so fast, you need to get home soon, take a shower, start the day.

Written by admin