Red Death – 3D animation / Video

Once again a 3d object with 2d animations tracked. The concept for this work was trying to tune a television and not being able to find clear reception. The 3d object is an animated displacement map on a sphere. Camera moves are a lot freeer and cleaner than the other works as I wanted to give the effect of exploring rather than being told what to look at. The tiny + symbols were originally apart of a guide track for the motion but I changed there look and left them as they look like the HP symbols.

The sound track (if you can call it that) was a recording from a digital set top box through a computer of 6 hours of TV in MPEG1 format – I decided to ‘scrub’ through the audio and let it stop for a second then continue on (as if scanning for something). Then realizing that this was not distorted enough added a tone generator in AE and parented its pitch and frequency values to the camera – so if the camera went one way the tone would go up etc. Giving a feeling of tuning analog equipment.

The final treating of this file was to add a channel delay so the edges had a colored blur. An effect used a lot to simulated busted tubes. Then at certain points a camera roll and malfunction effect was applied to give the feeling on the object being tuned.

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