Alpha Infection – 3D animation / Video


Originating from a concept design that Dejan had sent (original work of Damjan Stankovic), this project was my visual response to some of the elements that were in the design. The metaphor was that of scanning for a virus in a spherical matrix of data – I looked at this file later and thought that it could be part of the ‘operating system’ of the 3d speaker. A virus in a speaker?

I was content with this file after creating a texture of an opacity map. I didn’t really know where to go with the movement of the file….I decided to take the RGB value (eg 255, 255, 255) of a single pixel from 750 images creating a data file with a value in this range. Then applied this data to the 3d inner square that is ‘scanning’ the file creating a movement that does look a bit strange but does give a good effect of linear scanning. The lighting of the file was very important as a slight glossy look helps to create the shape of the sphere and gives the object a digital glow.

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When an infection is found the object is zoomed up revealing the infection and then ‘quarantined’ and removed. This sequence was a series of compositions in AE of animated circles (with a glowing pulse when infection removed) and a textual overlay of the file type.

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Written by Brad Schwede