Dave Clarke


‘I may be established but I’ll never be establishment.’ Dave Clarke, March 2005 Dave Clarke is holding forth as he drives back to his West Sussex home from a photo-shoot in London, interrupted occasionally by the bland feminine robot tones of the Satellite Navigation system offering traffic tips. The make-up still visible round his eyes … [Read more…]

Ed Devane


My music when beat-driven is generally speaking heavy, noisy and syncopated, in an IDM/ electro-breaks style with the odd bit off drum’n’bass and dub thrown in for good measure. I spend at least half my time making soundscapes however, which sometimes find their way into my beaty tracks, but generally never see the light of … [Read more…]

Radioactive Sandwich


Since the beginning of time, two things have been true: Man needs food and Man needs to create music. Combine these two prehistoric needs and you find the group Radioactive Sandwich. Slice One and Slice Two came together realizing they were starved for a more fulfilling, hearty breed of music. They needed to create a … [Read more…]



Every once in a while word starts spreading about a hot producer who is coming through under the radar, and the hot news this time around comes from the West Coast. This sensational producer, remixer and DJ is STARKILLERS aka Nick Terranova. Bridging the gap between the House and Trance Worlds, STARKILLERS has quickly established … [Read more…]



Silvery Records introduce ‘Let’s Zoom in’, the debut release by illkinski. Based in East London, illkinski consist of duo Adam Perry & Arash Lowni. They have spent the last 3 years writing and producing an extensive catalogue, remixing, and staging some electrifying rare live performances. ‘Let’s Zoom In’ is an eclectic look into the unique … [Read more…]