Choose from the list of the very best techno CDs. Collection recommended by Analogik electronic music collective. Torture Chamber 2 Neuro Schranz Total V.8 Schranz Total 3.5 Schranz Total V.7 Schranz Total V.2 Schranz Total V.6 Schranz Total Schranz Total 5.0



OPTRONIX vs Maxx Klaxon (Reason 2.5) – This is a Remix of the song “Internationale 2000″ By Maxx Klaxon. It is my current entry in a Remix contest. The original can be heard at . Rather than a Re-mix I have actually re-written the whole track to sound like a new song, using only … [Read more…]

Square Wail – I’m not listening.

Artist: Square Wail Album: I’m not listening. Celebrating the timeless sound of Nintendo GAME BOY ™ Square, Saw, Sine and Noise. It’s all it takes to make great electronic music, but when you reduce it to 8-bit word then it all becomes a challenge. Square Wail pushes the boy to the limits of possibilities and … [Read more…]