Electronic Music, First Contact


Human brain stores an infinite array of environmental properties such as sound, shape, color and smell. Often, these are associated with a specific time reference and then lost in a cul-de-sac of dormant memory. Those seemingly lost fragments of memory can then be brought to life much later by the very same stimulants, awakening an … [Read more…]

Documentary Exposes the World of Electronic Music

ABOUT THIS PROJECT: This is the world of Electronic music told by the DJ’s that inspire the genre. Working title ‘Louder’ has been in the works for a few years now but unfortunately the project’s original financier left for personal reasons. His loss is your gain. You have the opportunity to bring this film to … [Read more…]

Multimedia Bh

If you plan a tour to Ecuador and Galapagos, Colibri Eco tours is your right travel partner. Since 1995 Colibri is specialized on nature tours worldwide. Galapagos cruises are one main subject in South America. You can combine a trekking-tour in the Andes with a boat-tour around the Galapagos islands.


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Everyone should see this: http://www.chrisjordan.com/current_set2.php?icl=7 Circuit bending. A wonderful new techno hobby discipline so cool it can be asilly considered art. Our generation grew up surrounded by a vast variery of electronic gadgets which make perfect raw material for some seriously creative tweaking. So look around yourself, what do you see? Find an electornic device and … [Read more…]

Radioactive Sandwich


Since the beginning of time, two things have been true: Man needs food and Man needs to create music. Combine these two prehistoric needs and you find the group Radioactive Sandwich. Slice One and Slice Two came together realizing they were starved for a more fulfilling, hearty breed of music. They needed to create a … [Read more…]

NOKIA: Mobile Phone Production

Press Use Only Copyright © Nokia, 2004. These pictures are intended for press use only. The pictures must not be altered in any way. Salo Operations is part of the nine Nokia mobile factories´ global network Final assembly and user interface Final assembly and user interface Final assembly and testing Final assembly and flashing Testing … [Read more…]