DJ OX (France)

DJ OXJean-Marc used ausio samples from our download section to write couple of his tracks so we thought we’d give him a bit of exposure through our spotlight page. Go check out his music – very fresh electronica.


AUREIBreakbeat / Drum & Bass / Techno
Born in Sioux Falls SD, and raised in Flagstaff AZ. She grew up listening to 80’s Industrial, and fell in love with twisted synth lines, and groggy basses. She trekked to Portland OR in 2001 to start her new life in Music Production, and Dj-ing.


DORU MALAIARomanian composer and electronic musician with 35 years of experience in the music and film industry. His website offers a vast amount of audio samples, free music and reason refills with the mission to motivate young generations, fellow musicians and help them find inspiration in writing their own pieces. Doru Malaia also offers a collection of commercial sample. Visit his web site for more infromation.

Sweet Little Lesions

Sweet Little LesionsWe are an electro rock band from the beautiful, sunny climes of Thurrock in Essex. We’ve been creating soulful, hard-edged electronica for a few years now (under various guises) and have nothing to offer but our gift of musical eclecticism all tied up in a funky beat! Although we have more in common, musically, with current (and past) electronica bands, our hearts and minds are resolutely based in metal valhalla (the new stuff we are about to finish has some wicked dual guitar harmonies!!!) We are soon to set up our own artist database for unsigned and unsung bands (which will involve distribution).
Listen and believe!!!


OXfireA while back I made these songs. I never thought much of it, but now I hope to be able to pursue it more. I really enjoy it. Here are a couple of my pieces. Hopefully I will be able to have enough to make a little cd. Enjoy!

Into the Cave: Take an ambient journey into the depths of the cave.

Bad memories: Thoughts of the past. The ones you regret. The ones you can never take back.


stu..m started djing in 1995 in the midlands at free parties held by mates, progressing to throwing free parties and hosting club nites at various venues, gaining a wealth of experience djing over the uk,owning an independant record shop,(sadly deceased), finally hanging up his decks in 2003 to concentrate on his production work, (still djing the occasional party when his arm is severely twisted), since then he has built up a pc based studio running cubase sx,sound forge, acid pro,rebirth,reason and many plugins. Focusing his production work on a bass heavy acid breakz sound, but still aiming the songs at the dancefloor, he has found a style of his own that stands out among the various sounds that are around at the moment.

Sonic Transport System

D'Funk“I like to design my own sounds….my influences can be bands like coil, clock dva, front 242, kox box, logic bomb.”

I always listen to electronic music…the industrial and techno industrial music scene was always in my mind, or you can say the european underground music scene of the 80´s.
I start making music 4 years ago and my gear is:

Michael Bross

Michael BrossMichael Bross conjures up an electronic-fused, atmospheric, cinematic music landscape.

Heavily influenced by film soundtracks and electronica, composer Michael Bross creates a style that is emotional, haunting and beat-driven.

In the last few years, he has composed the soundtrack for the video games “Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath” (published by Electronic Arts, 2005) and “Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee” (published by Microsoft, 2001).

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