The Drake Equation


Through rarefied air The Drake Equation was devised by Dr Frank Drake in 1960, in an attempt to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy that we are likely to come in contact with. The equation should allow scientists to quantify the uncertainty of the factors which determine the number of potential extraterrestrial … [Read more…]


Choose from the list of the very best techno CDs. Collection recommended by Analogik electronic music collective. Torture Chamber 2 Neuro Schranz Total V.8 Schranz Total 3.5 Schranz Total V.7 Schranz Total V.2 Schranz Total V.6 Schranz Total Schranz Total 5.0



OPTRONIX vs Maxx Klaxon (Reason 2.5) – This is a Remix of the song “Internationale 2000″ By Maxx Klaxon. It is my current entry in a Remix contest. The original can be heard at . Rather than a Re-mix I have actually re-written the whole track to sound like a new song, using only … [Read more…]



Between 2003 – 2004 Analogik has been involved in development of a MIDI controller device that will give audio engineers physical control over various PC software synthesis ers such as Reason and Rebirth. Note: This is a research project only and is no longer in development. Credits: Paul Harvey: Electronic Engineering, System Design, Programming & … [Read more…]

Glow Necklaces


There’s something about time that changes at a rave, slows down, speeds up, goes on and on until all at once, you know it’s over. Maybe it’s the music, bass beat you can feel all over, makes your bones hum, your skin dance. DJ like one with the ravers, bodies moving, glow necklaces turning everyone … [Read more…]

Blip Drums


Blip Drums is a world class electronic drum sample library. We currently have 1000 completely original electronic drum samples for download and our library grows monthly. Our sounds are fresh and innovative, covering all genres of electronic music including techno, house, idm, ambient, and hip hop. When you purchase our drum samples, you can access … [Read more…]

Modern Party Theme Invitations


When you give out party invitations you want them to reflect your theme and look professional. Themed party invitations can be a fun way to set the theme of your party, and to get people excited about your special event. There are many different events that you would need party invitations for. When you are … [Read more…]