Hypnosurf – Can hypnosis improve your surfing skills?


It’s time to introduce one of our commercial electronic music projects. This one is very interesting as for us there was no composition involved, but something completely different. Hypnosurf is a concept by Les Foster which essentially involves practice of hypnosis in order to improve one’s focus, concentration and coordination skills. His first release is […]

Earth’s Smallest Life Form


The discovery of novel, living nano-organisms growing on Triassic and Jurassic sandstones opened up an exciting area of research in 1997. The existence of nano-sized organisms has been proposed for a number of years by geologists who refer to a range of mineralised structures in rocks as the fossil remnants of nanobacteria. Bacteria range in […]

How well does your brain multitask?


If we think about our brain in computer terms, it could be described as a combination of CPU, RAM and mass storage (eg. hard disk). Early stages of brain development in children are very closely related to how we perceive the world around us today. Depending on how the neuron connections bind together we have […]

Advanced C64 implementation


Sectors 1 to 6 on first Interface Box turns on the popup sprinklers & 7 does the Solarhardt Sector 8 changes over to the second Interface Box at mid-day. Sectors 9 to 15 do the sprinklers & 16 does the Solarhardt from mid-day to mid-night. Magic Voice says – Please put out the milk bottles. […]

Music file compressed 1,000 times smaller than mp3


Researchers at the University of Rochester have digitally reproduced music in a file nearly 1,000 times smaller than a regular MP3 file. The music, a 20-second clarinet solo, is encoded in less than a single kilobyte, and is made possible by two innovations: recreating in a computer both the real-world physics of a clarinet and […]

Giant Stars, The Biggest Things in the Known Universe


On April 20, 2008 Brad Schwede and Dejan Petrovic from FutureBlast launched a rather geeky website called, targeted at students, science fiction nerds and astronomy enthusiasts. No one at FutureBlast was prepared for what happened next. “Brad and I launched the website on Sunday evening and emailed it to a few of our friends.” said […]

Robot as a superstar?


When Analogik crew were just kids we all wondered about the future and what the world would be like in the 21 st century. Although flying cars are still in their most experimental stage, there is no teleportation or inter-stellar space travel, there are a few quite exciting things around that are gradually making their […]

XBOX Mods – XBOX modifications and XMBC


The Most Complete and Affordable Multimedia Entertainment Solution for your lounge room is made by Microsoft, but it is not the product that you would expect. Although a PC equipped with Windows Media Center Edition has good features and will play most of the media you would like it to, it is quite expensive to […]