How to write good electronic music


What does it take to make a fine piece of electronic music? How many times have you had that special inspirational moment and thought that that was it – you were going to write a piece that will leave its mark in the whole genre? If the answer is ‘never’ then perhaps, you should stop … [Read more…]

What went wrong with the techno culture?


Post-mortem is never a pleasant thing and opening an article with a negative notion is also not the best thing to do, so I will start by announcing that today is a very nice day outside. It’s Saturday and many are already emailing, messaging and calling their friends. Tonight is going to be a pretty … [Read more…]

Avoiding Cliché Themes in Electronic Music

head phones

Electronic music started off as an experimental music expression by the pioneers of machine generated sound. In the days where software and technology weren’t readily available, musicians had to heavily rely on improvisation and creativity. Today we have a different and more serious problem. Although the technology and communications seem to present a catalyst in … [Read more…]

German Techno – Who is Marusha?


She was born on 18 November 1966 in Nurenberg, made Berlin her home town, and without exaggeration she is the world`s most famous female DJ. Over the past few years she has travelled the globe and given millions of fans pleasure with her typical, highly individual “Marusha DJ Set”. Marusha`s amazing career began in 1991 … [Read more…]



Classes of Sound Generators Electronic Music Basics Most of us know the ABC of the electronic music. For example sine, saw, square and noise wave forms are used in traditional sound synthesis and accompanied by a variety of filters and envelopes. For example: ADSR – Attack, Delay, Sustain and Release, also CV – Control Voltage, … [Read more…]

Electronic Music


Writing electronic music may seem like an easy task at first. All who have tried have realised that there is a difference between writing a piece that sounds either amateurish or too commercial and creating something truly unique. Electronic music is supposed to be opening new horizons towards melodic and rhythmic structures that are not … [Read more…]