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Ed Devane


My music when beat-driven is generally speaking heavy, noisy and syncopated, in an IDM/ electro-breaks style with the odd bit off drum’n’bass and dub thrown in for good measure. I spend at least half my time making soundscapes however, which sometimes find their way into my beaty tracks, but generally never see the light of […]

Reason Tips


REASON TIPS REASON IS A BIG MODULAR SYNTHESIZER! 1. Subtractor modulating a Chorus/Flanger: connect Subtractor’s audio output to the left channel input of a Chorus/Flanger module. From Subtractor, route the Mod Env CV Output to the Chorus/Flanger’s Rate CV input. Set the Modulation Envelope parameters to: A-108, D-75, S-73, R-81, and set the Chorus Delay […]

3D Graffiti – Analogik

3d_graffiti is dedicated to the progression of hardcore electronic art and 3d graffiti. The graffiti designs and lettering on this site are completely digital as I want to explore new ways to create 3d graffiti and move away from using paint as a means of expression. So much emphasis is put on the illegality of graffiti in […]

World loses one more electronic music pioneer


World loses one more electronic music pioneer “Tristram Ogilvie Cary (born Oxford 14 May 1925, died Adelaide, Australia 24 April 2008) was a pioneering British composer. Cary was educated at Westminster School in London, England and is the son of a pianist and the novelist, Joyce Cary, author of Mister Johnson. While working as a […]

BBE records in 2010 year

BBE records in 2010 year Another North America Tour plan for 2010: It will take place on March/ April 2010 (New York, Miami, Canada…) Paral-lel will, as usual, lead the trip Noone and Cosmos70 will probably take part of the American adventure New releases this fall: Paral-lel NTH Synthesis SKNDR Cosmos70 BBE records will celebrate […]

Electronic Music, First Contact


Human brain stores an infinite array of environmental properties such as sound, shape, color and smell. Often, these are associated with a specific time reference and then lost in a cul-de-sac of dormant memory. Those seemingly lost fragments of memory can then be brought to life much later by the very same stimulants, awakening an […]

Multimedia Psyride

Multimedia Psyride, enjoy the video…

Multimedia Bh

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