Marcos Romero – Southamerican musician and producer

microphono2 Netlabel Releases [Mopho004] Artist: Marcos Romero Title: Brave New Beats The new EP by southamerican musician and producer Marcos Romero. Born in Uruguay, Romero emerges as a classically trained musician, composer, dj , and electronic music producer. He took part in the beginnings of the electronic music scene in his native country. He has worked with … [Read more…]

Darude – More about Darude


Darude (Finnish artist/producer/dj Ville Virtanen) found dance music while he was still in school. He practically gave himself carpal tunnel syndrome by constantly holding his finger on the pause button of a tape deck while trying to catch the latest tunes off his favorite radio show. Darude says his “education” and broad taste in music … [Read more…]

Bexta – Australian Techno Diva


‘I’ve never heard so much bass come out of such a little person’  someone once said to BeXta after one of her sets, BeXta is known for her hard trance, bangin beats and energetic vibe created every time she hits the dex. Sydney born Aussie, BeXta has spent her life around music, playing the piano … [Read more…]

Kevens – Radical jungle drum & bass


Known for his beautifully lush drum set , mixed with a funky, progressive, rocking Reggae style, Kevens is on a mission to provide the world with positivity. The former DJ and MC turned singer/songwriter, strives to take people to a higher level of consciousness. The poetic performer got his start as a performing artist when … [Read more…]

World Traveller Adventures


EXTRAORDINARY STORY OF THE TECHNO-NOMAD ADVENTURE Film Documents The European and Middle Eastern Techno-Traveler Movement New York, NY September 13 — This October, Uncivilized World documents the amazing story of the most underground social revolution with the DVD release, World Traveller Adventures. From the 1990’s to present, several devoted artists of raving and free partying … [Read more…]

Reinterpretations – Music CD info


Earthdance, called “the Live Aid for the new millenium”, will be awarding legendary composer and musician Kitaro with its “Artist Of Peace Award” this September 2004… Just days prior to EarthDance comes Reinterpretations, a compilation spotlighting remixes of Kitaro tracks by high-profile and hot underground producers, all of whom were given the directive of putting … [Read more…]

Flow Dynamics


FLOW DYNAMICS – new electronic outfit from Perth making waves overseas. Dave McKinney, one of the founders of Rhibosome and a major songwriter and producer behind their debut album, has started a brand new electronic project called Flow Dynamics. Featuring lots of live musicians, studio trickery, and general funky bizness, Flow Dynamics has a full … [Read more…]



MUSETTA disk has just arrived, nicely wrapped in a cute- artwork cover. What can I expect, a sugary happy hard core or nu nrg perhaps? I pressed the play button and started writing something and then… ‘Ophelia’s Song started’… It was surprisingly analogue to what we normally receive. Real instruments with just a touch of … [Read more…]