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Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer


Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer

Sound Sample Set 1.0.0 (09/08/94)

The Roland TR-808 (popularly known as the “808”) is, perhaps, the most
popular analogue electronic drum machine of all time. Since its debut
in 1982, it has been the drum machine used the most by dance, pop, rap,
and rhythm and blues artists to produce the drum rhythm tracks for their
songs. (The famous cowbell sound at the beginning of Whitney Houston’s
“I Wanna’ Dance with Somebody”, or the famous bass drum sound that
vibrates the ground when a car playing loud rap music drives by) Without
a doubt, the Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is a “classic beat box”.

Roland TR-909


Since it’s admittance into the world of music, the Roland TR-909 has been

one of the most sought after drum machines in existence. Every dance,
techno, and hip-hop artist desperately searches for the “magic box”, only
to find the 909. Yet, this box is highly coveted by those who worship its
demonic powers. Many have tried to obtain this box through large sums of
money, deceit, and ultimately theft.

In order to curve the population’s insatiable thirst for the 909, I have
created a ‘complete’ 909 sample set. I’ll be surprised if you can tell the

About Techno – G. Deleuze & F. Guattari


A musical machine of consistency, a sound machine (not a machine for reproducing sounds) which molecularizes and atomizes, ionizes sound matter, and harnesses a cosmic energy. if this machine must have an assemblage it is the synthesizer. by assembling modules, source elements, and elements for treating sound (oscillators, generators and transformers) by arranging microintervals, the synthesizer makes audible the production process itself and puts us into contact with still other elements beyond sound matter. it unites disparate elements in the material and transposes the parameters from one formula to another. the synthesizer with its operation of consistency has taken the place of the ground in a priori synthetic judgement: its synthesis is of the molecular and the cosmic, material and force, not forma and matter, ground and territory. philosphy is not longer synthetic judgement; it is like a thought synthesizer functioning to make thought travel, make it mobile, make it a force of the cosmos (in the same way as one makes sound travel).

Pulse 6: Crystal by Blue Planet Cooperation


0000 0028

Starting off with two bright and crisp pads. The pad in the background, slightly deeper than the other, steadily oscillates filling the atmosphere with intrigue and enigma. Higher pitch pad alternates between the two notes four times and leads into the anticipated start of the track. This sequence stimulates the mind for something sophisticated that is about to begin.

Analogik European Tour


It has been three years since I last visited Vukovar. This time I arrived in summer, which made all the difference. Snow and autumn might seem romantic to some, but if you are to enjoy the weather, nature, and of course, gorgeous women in their summer outfit, May – August is the time to drop by.

So as you would expect (not!) a wealthy and excentric architect from Zagreb decides to build an extravagant, world-class night club in this little town completely ruined by civil war in 1991. They named it appropriately – Quo Vadis.

About Trance


First of all when you listen to Trance you have to know what you are really after. I find that people who truly love trance don’t have any trouble listening to the steady changing rhythm of progressive. A large majority of trance lovers are into progressive uplifting trance. Put simply, progressive trance gives u a feeling of being refreshed and it’s beat is usually very simple and definite. Uplifting trance makes u feel energetic and ready to do something stupid.

What is techno 4?


Sometime after the era of playing music traditionally (with intruments) amplified electronically to the crowd, many people around the world simultaneously realized that you don’t need the intruments themselves to transfer these sounds. Because of the technological advancement, the electronic input recieved from the intrument can simply be generated from scratch. The groundbreaking thing was there were so many other kinds of sounds out there that we did not have instruments of. It was kind of a hidden musical world that had been discovered.