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Glow Necklaces


There’s something about time that changes at a rave, slows down, speeds up, goes on and on until all at once, you know it’s over. Maybe it’s the music, bass beat you can feel all over, makes your bones hum, your skin dance. DJ like one with the ravers, bodies moving, glow necklaces turning everyone […]

Ogi Gee Cash


Ogi Gee Cash was born in 1975 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has been DJing for twenty years and producing high-quality house music for almost nine years in which he has had nearly 150 releases both vinyl and digital. His first progressive release was “Fullbite Session ep” for Minimal Records back in 2001 and was hugely […]

Blip Drums


Blip Drums is a world class electronic drum sample library. We currently have 1000 completely original electronic drum samples for download and our library grows monthly. Our sounds are fresh and innovative, covering all genres of electronic music including techno, house, idm, ambient, and hip hop. When you purchase our drum samples, you can access […]

Relaxation DVD: Infinite Tranquillity


Brad Schwede has just released the Infinite Tranquility – a relaxation DVD which has been shot in the most beautiful places Australia. From tropical islands to deep space, this relaxation DVD takes you on a true meditational journey with color and sound healing and visualization techniques. Analogik has partnered with Infinite Tranquility and now offers the […]

Festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art by: Giovanni De Angelis


International festival of Electronic Music and Digital Art 5th edition Rome – Italy 19-20-21 May 2005 Photo by: Giovanni De Angelis

Advanced use of C64


Sectors 1 to 6 on first Interface Box turns on the popup sprinklers & 7 does the Solarhardt Sector 8 changes over to the second Interface Box at mid-day. Sectors 9 to 15 do the sprinklers & 16 does the Solarhardt from mid-day to mid-night. Magic Voice says – Please put out the milk bottles. […]

Dejan Petrovic

Dejan - Dan Petrovic

    Dan Petrovic has completed a wide range of educational goals. These have been an important part of his life experience as well. He has a attended Griffith University, Nathan Campus in Brisbane, Australia. While there he completed a Bachelors of Multimedia, with Major in Design. This is complimented by his ability to speak […]

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