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Pulse 6 Track Multimedia Review

Start downloading flash movie while you read the article (link will open in a new window). 0000 0028 Starting off with two bright and crisp pads. The pad in the background, slightly deeper than the other, steadily oscillates filling the atmosphere with intrigue and enigma. Higher pitch pad alternates between the two notes four times […]

Modern Party Theme Invitations


When you give out party invitations you want them to reflect your theme and look professional. Themed party invitations can be a fun way to set the theme of your party, and to get people excited about your special event. There are many different events that you would need party invitations for. When you are […]



Now then, what do we have for your listening pleasure? none other than an entire album of bulgarian electronic specialise sektor. as heard previously on kahvi, two releases are also exclusively available on through Kahvi. continuing with the same flowing melodical style, sektor creates an entire hour of audio treats, dark moods, calm and […]



Hidden Ninja is a one man electronic artist comprised of Remi Sinato. Starting off in the late nineties with traditional dance, he gradually transformed his sound, through heavy influence and circumstance, into various styles of IDM layered with lyrics. His current album, “three hundred miles from cloud nine” is a love epic and serves as the last in the bloodlet […]

DJ OX (France)

Jean-Marc used ausio samples from our download section to write couple of his tracks so we thought we’d give him a bit of exposure through our spotlight page. Go check out his music – very fresh electronica.


Breakbeat / Drum & Bass / Techno Born in Sioux Falls SD, and raised in Flagstaff AZ. She grew up listening to 80’s Industrial, and fell in love with twisted synth lines, and groggy basses. She trekked to Portland OR in 2001 to start her new life in Music Production, and Dj-ing.


Romanian composer and electronic musician with 35 years of experience in the music and film industry. His website offers a vast amount of audio samples, free music and reason refills with the mission to motivate young generations, fellow musicians and help them find inspiration in writing their own pieces. Doru Malaia also offers a collection […]

Sweet Little Lesions

We are an electro rock band from the beautiful, sunny climes of Thurrock in Essex. We’ve been creating soulful, hard-edged electronica for a few years now (under various guises) and have nothing to offer but our gift of musical eclecticism all tied up in a funky beat! Although we have more in common, musically, with […]

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